Meet Our Team
Abdourazak has been a member of the Max Delivery team since September, 2018.
As part of our delivery staff, he has ridden over 8,914 miles, quickly delivering 4,135 gourmet orders directly to our customers' homes, always with a smile.

Our delivery team are the true heroes of the business, often happily carrying heavy loads in inclement weather while dodging insane NYC traffic. Abdourazak has delivered over 99,717 pounds on his bicycle since joining our team.
How long have you been working for Max Delivery
I have been working with Max delivery for 6 months.
Where do you currently live
I currently live in The Bronx, NY
What do you like to do during your spare time
I like to go biking. It helps me stay fit and I like riding around discovering new places. I also like to go to the movies with my kids. Every time we see that a commercial for a movie that looks interesting, we decide to go over the weekend and watch it and enjoy the theater.
Why do you like working for Max Delivery
One main reason why I like working here is because I like biking. This job for me does not feel stressful it feels fun. Sure it can get a bit heavy sometimes but that is just part of the job and in the end we always deliver.