Federico has been a member of the Max Delivery team since December, 2016.
As part of our delivery staff, he has ridden over 11,555 miles, quickly delivering 5,386 gourmet orders directly to our customers' homes, always with a smile.

Our delivery team are the true heroes of the business, often happily carrying heavy loads in inclement weather while dodging insane NYC traffic. Federico has delivered over 131,167 pounds on his bicycle since joining our team.
How long have you been working for Max Delivery
I have been working in Max Delivery since 2015 then took a small break and came back towards the end of 2016. All in all, I'd say I have been with Max for about 4 years.
Where do you currently live
I lived in NY all my life but I currently live in The Bronx, NY
What do you like to do during your spare time
I like to listen to music a lot. I also like to do a bit of music mixing as well like a DJ. But I do it as a hobby not like working wise.
Why do you like working for Max Delivery
I like working with Max Delivery because it is a good job. I like what I do and the customers are very friendly so when you combine these two things, you will never have a bad day at work! Well... when it's raining and snowing it does make the job a bit difficult but hey, we are still out there making sure the orders reach the customers in time for them to make their lunch, dinner, etc.