Paper Bags

Why paper bags?
Our first choice would be for everyone to participate in our MaxReusable Bag program which would cut the use of disposable bags to zero. That said, we recognize that not everyone wants to participate, and we are committed to providing the best service possible to our customers. Short of our reusable bags (seriously, have you checked out how nice they are?), our paper bags are the best option to provide a quality experience for you in a sustainable, environmentally sound way.

Don't paper bags kill trees?
It’s not that simple. 60% of U.S. forestland is privately owned, meaning if the owners weren?t making money from planting trees and selling the wood, they might clear the forest altogether and find other uses for it. All of our bags are certified by 3rd party agency the Sustainable Forestry Initiative to be sourced from 100% renewable forest fiber.

Why paper and not plastic?
Honestly, lots of smart, passionate, people come down on opposite sides of this issue. It?s a close call, but we decided that paper bags made from certified sustainable forestry were the responsible choice. They are easy to recycle (even compost!), they do not pose a threat to wildlife, and they are a renewable resource (trees) rather than plastic (made from oil). If you feel passionately about doing the right thing for the environment (or even if you don?t, but want to do your part), we urge you to use our MaxReusable Bag program which is infinitely better than paper OR plastic.

Where can I learn more?
You can read more about the Sustainable Forestry Initiative on their website

For more information on the paper versus plastic debate, you can go to "Brown bag, green globe".