Restaurant Deliveries

How do restaurant deliveries work?
MaxDelivery has partnered with some select restaurants in some areas, allowing to order your lunch or dinner at the same time as your MaxDelivery items. Restaurant items are priced the same as their regular menu prices and there are no additional delivery or other fees added to the normal restaurant menu.

When you place a restaurant order, MaxDelivery will transmit the order to the restaurant, who will deliver it directly to you. If you order MaxDelivery items, they will come separately with one of our trained delivery staff.

Now, you can truly make MaxDelivery your single stop for all of your daily needs.

Can I change an item on a restaurant order after placing it?
Once you place the order for the restaurant item, MaxDelivery immediately sends it over to the restaurant. So, after placing the order, if you would like to change, you must contact the restaurant directly. You can find their phone number on the menu listing page for the restaurant.

When will my restaurant food arrive?
Since the restaurant foods are delvered directly by the restaurant, MaxDelivery cannot control the actual delivery times. We provide a best estimate of the usual delivery window for the restaurant on the menu page.

If the restaurant is later than that time, please contact them directly to check the status.
MaxDelivery’s Delivery Guarantee does not apply to restaurant deliveries.

What do I do if I have an issue with my restaurant order?
Please contact the restaurant directly and they will be glad to help you with the issue.

If one of our partner restaurants is not being helpful in some way, please let us know via email or via the live chat on the right and we will work to make it right immediately.

When I go to checkout, it seems some delivery options are missing. Why?
When you place an order that has restaurant items and MaxDelivery items - or an order with items from 2 different restaurants - the web site will only offer you the delivery times that are available to BOTH stores.

For example, if you order from a restaurant that closes at 10PM and some MaxDelivery items, the web site will not allow you to place the order after 10PM since the restaurant will be closed at that time.

If you want your MaxDelivery items delivered separately, simply place them as 2 different orders.