MaxPremium Membership

What is MaxPremium Membership?
Sign up for a MaxPremium Membership and receive free one hour delivery on ALL orders for the following 3 months. Order as little as $20 and get your items sped over to you in under an hour, with NO delivery fees added.

How do I enroll?
Simply go to the MaxPremium Signup Page and click the subscribe button.

Once you do that, your card on file will be charged for the membership fee and you will be able to enjoy the benefits right away - from free delivery to special discounts, according to the plan. Membership lasts for 3 months and will auto-renew at the end of the period.

Do I still need to order a minimum amount?
Yes. You still need to meet the order minimum, but that is only $20

What is the MaxPremium 1 Cent Offer?
For a limited time, you can get your first 3 months of MaxPremium for only 1 cent. Subsequent renewals will be charged at the normal rate of $30 for 3 months.

. Offer is good only once per household for customers who have never subscribed to a premium plan before.

How do I cancel anytime?
Of course. In the MyAccount area, you can find the Subscriptions page. From that page, simply click the Unsubscribe button and your MaxPremium membership will be immediately cancelled.

Unused or partially used membership fees are non-refundable.

When will you charge me for the MaxPremium membership?
Your first charge for the subscription plans will be charged immediately upon your decision to subscribe to the plan.

Subsequent charges will be made on the 1 or 3 month anniversary (depending upon the plan) of the initial charge. That is, if you first subscribed on the 20th of the month, your plan will renew either 1 or 3 months (depending upon the plan) later on the 20th of the month.

If the monthly anniversary date falls on a day that does not exist in that month (e.g. if you subscribed on January 31st and there is no 31st day of April), the renewal date will move to the 1st day of the following month.

Once a delivery has been made or a DVD has been kept out for extended periods using the MaxPremium membership, it is non-refundable.