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Our Community
We work hard to create a business that makes positive changes in the quality of life of our customers and employees. Therefore, it makes sense for us to take one further step by caring about the communities in which we live and serve.

We do this by working on special events that directly connect us to great education/youth programs, health groups, community and cultural events as well. We are proud to help because itís the right thing to do as a company.

Here are the kinds of events we have participated in:

  • Helping educational and childrenís groups - We know what itís like to go to school in New York City especially now. The April 2010 article in The Village Voice talks about the massive layoffs of teachers this year once the state wide cuts are implemented. We are aware of the funding and budgetary cuts hitting our local schools and how our schools and their families are expected to do more with less. Let us know if youíre an organization that provides services directly to families, promote education or development of children.
  • Supporting health research causes - There are so many diseases that need research dollars and attention. When disease has no solution, we know services play a key role in helping families and children. We are happy to consider events and causes that seek to raise money for research and services.
  • Participating in local community and cultural events - New York City is the epicenter of cultural events. This is what makes this city an exciting place to be and we love being here! We will look for ways to participate and help local cultural events with terrific programming in our backyard that serve broad audiences.

Thank you for considering Max Delivery as a partner to help you in your charitable endeavors. If you would like to contact our community group to work with us, please send an email with the details of the program and organization to [email protected].

Please allow us 3 weeks to review the information.
Some of the projects that we have been a part of in the past include:

PS 150 - The Tribeca Learning Center
Urban Treasures Auction
March 13, 2010
PS 234 - The Independence School
Spring Auction
March 20, 2010
PS41 The Greenwich Village School
Bollywood Auction Gala
March 23, 2010
PS 89 The Liberty School
Annual Spring Auction - Liberty Luau
April 15, 2010
Claremont Preparatory School
Fly Me to the Moon Spring Benefit
April 22, 2010
Young Survival Coalition In Living Pink
May 20, 2010
Washington Market School
Annual Gala Benefit & Auction
Washington Market Fever
May 13, 2010
The Gillen Brewer School
Annual Auction Benefit - Starry Night
May 20, 2010
City and Country School
Spring Benefit Auction
May 3, 2010
Village Community School
VCS Gala & Benefit Auction - Shine a Light
April 29, 2010
University Plaza Nursery School
May 2010
Tribeca Film Festival - 2010