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Cowboys & Aliens (2011)
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Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star in this action packed sci-fi western from the director of Iron Man (Jon Favreau) that critics call "wickedly original, unlike anything you've ever seen" (Jake Hamilton, Fox-TV Houston, TX).
A stranger (Craig) stumbles into the desert town of Absolution with no memory of his past and a futuristic shackle around his wrist. With the help of mysterious beauty Ella (Olivia Wilde) and the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford), he finds himself leading an unlikely posse of cowboys, outlaws, and Apache warriors against a common enemy from beyond this world in an epic showdown for survival.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford
Director: Jon Favreau
Features: Finding The Story, Outer-Space Icon, The Scope of the Spectacle, Feature Commentary with Director Jon Favreau
Language(s): English, Spanish, French Dolby Digital 5.1; English DVS Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitle(s): English SDH, Spanish, French
Run Length: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
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