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Rib eye steaks are one of the most popular cuts of beef. The meat from the rib section is juicier, tender and fattier than other parts of the cow. The extra fat makes this cut more flavorful and tender.

O Ottomanelli steaks available fresh through Max Delivery are Certified Black Angus USDA Choice Beef with no hormones added.

Reconnect with a local butcher. O Ottomanelli & Sons is a family owned and run butcher store that has been on Bleecker St for almost 80 years. You can still see the 4 brothers (Jerry, Frank, Peter and Joe) behind the counter and get their expert advice on the cuts of meat and how best to cook them. They are also about the nicest people you are ever going to meet. Drop on by to meet them (near the corner of Bleecker & 7th Ave) and get whatever you want.

Or, when you are home, let Max Delivery bring their amazing meat cuts to you right away, letting all of us experience the amazing meat that West Villagers have loved for 80 years.