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Lindt Assorted Lindor Chocolate Truffles
Price: $4.89/5.1 oz
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Size/Weight: 5.1 oz
Description: Assorted milk, dark and white chocolates with a smooth filling

Over 150 Years of Passion for Chocolate.

Since 1845, our Master Chocolatiers have offered passion and meticulous craftsmanship to create the finest chocolate. Our dedication and apprecation of chocolate was enhanceed when the Swiss Master Chocolatier Rodolophe Lindt invented the first melting chocolate with the creation of the conching machine.

Inspired by our secret recipe, our Master Chocolatiers have created a chocolate masterpiece: Lindor Truffles. This delicious Lindt Chocolate Shell enrobes an irresistably smooth filling. Once your break its shell, the filling will start to melt, and so will you.
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