The clock is ticking...Again.

It's been over a year since his wife's death, but Jack Bauer and his daughter are still reeling from the tragedy. The two are estranged and Jack no longer works for CTU. But an urgent phone call from the President plunges Jack back into another 24 hour nightmare of pulse-pounding terror and suspense as he races against time to prevent the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles.

4PM - 5PM
Jack and Nina?s plane crashes; Tony discovers Mason?s secret; Mason pits Reza against Bob to discover which of them has ties to the terrorist.

5PM - 6PM
Jack learns the commandos who attacked him may have been sent by the NSA; Kim and Miguel try to get away from the police; Reza helps CTU agents search Bob?s computer files.

6PM - 7PM
Jack and Kate go to a mosque to look for Syed Ali; Mason and Tony learn Marie shot Reza; Kim hides from the police in the woods; Palmer arrests Stanton and brings in a torture specialist to question him.

7PM - 8PM
Jack interrogates Syed Ali; Kate learns of Marie?s involvement; Lynne learns of Sherry?s connection to Stanton; Kim is rescued by a hunter in the woods.

8PM - 9PM
Jack arrives at the airfield and locates the bomb; Kim takes refuge with a survivalist; Stanton reveals that he?s had a special operations team tracking the bomb for several weeks.

9PM - 10PM
Jack finds Marie and questions her about the bomb; Mason leaves the CTU; Palmer confronts Sherry about her involvement with Stanton?s plan.

10PM - 11PM
Jack goes on a suicide mission to detonate the bomb in a safe desert location; Kim hitches a ride away from McCrae?s cabin.

11PM - 12AM
Jack joins Michelle in trying to prove the authenticity of Ali's incriminating recording before Palmer can launch World War 3; Kim is involved in a scuffle at a convenience store that signals the beginnings of mass