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Mop & Glo Floor Shine Cleaner
Price: $6.49/32 fl oz
plus tax
Size/Weight: 32 fl oz
Description:Mop & Glo Triple Action Floor Shine Cleaner gives you the beautiful floor you desire in a quick, convenient one-step process. Mop & Glo Triple Action cleans away the dirt, leaves a beautiful shine and provides long lasting protection.
  • Cleans dirty floors
  • Leaves a beautiful shine
  • Surface protector helps prevent stains from sticking to the floor.
    Directions:Types of floors: safe to use on tile, vinyl, hardwood, marble, linoleum, ceramic, and no wax floors. Not recommended for unsealed/worn wood or unsealed ceramic surfaces. Test in an inconspicuous area first and always follow manufacturer's instructions.
    (Do not shake bottle).
    Before applying Mop & GloŽ, sweep or vacuum the floor.
    1. Squeeze out a small amount of Mop & GloŽ directly onto floor.
    2. Immediately use a damp mop, sponge or rag to spread product evenly over a 3'x4' area of the floor.
    3. Rinse mop to remove dirt, move to the next area of the floor and repeat the process.
    Your floor will dry normally to a beautiful, long lasting shine in 10-20 minutes. After floor is dry, apply additional coats if a higher gloss is desired.
    Helpful hint.
    If your floor shows signs of build-up or discoloration regularly remove the older layers of polish with the following process: mix 1/4 cup LysolŽ all purpose cleaner (non bleach containing), and add 1 cup ammonia in 1/2 gal. Of warm water and spread over floor. (Do not
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