A sick, evil mastermind with an addiction to egg salad... sadistic, torture-inflicting doublecrossers... gorgeous girls hungry for lovin'... a wierd marriage between a killer cobra and a chicken! Only one man is daring, clever and sexy enough to take on this kind of mission: superspy Phil Moskowitz!

Woody Allen outrageously spoofs the spy thriller in one of his earliest, funniest films, a nonstop frenzy of skewed wit, hilarious parody and sidesplitting wackiness. Allen rewrites and redubs the dialogue for a Japanese James Bond-style movie as well as indulging in some playful re-editing of the film footage. Set to a rockin' '60's soundtrack by The Lovin' Spoonful, What's Up, Tiger Lily? as seen through Woody Allen's funhouse mirrors turns the sex-and-danger world of filmdom's spy game upside down!