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Non-Organic Sunkist Navel Orange
Price: $1.29/ea.
Size/Weight: 1 cnt
Description:Sunkist navel oranges are available from November through May, with peak supplies in January, February and March.
Navel oranges are easy to spot in your produce aisle. They're the ones with the button formation opposite the stem end.
Considered the world's finest orange for eating, navels are seedless, and they peel and segment easily.

Navel Orange Tips:
  • For the best nutritional value and taste, juice only enough navel oranges to drink and enjoy right away!
  • Navel orange segments are healthy and fun kid foods for snacks and lunches, that pack and travel well. Peel the orange, then gently separate the fruit along the natural divisions.
  • Try this guilt-free treat: cut navel orange segments into low- or nonfat chocolate yogurt.
  • Toss some navel orange sections on your favorite cereal, pancakes and waffles.

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