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100% Natural Hypo-Allergenic Refreshes As It Cleans
Complete and Ready-to-Use

Exclusive One-Piece Unit
The bottle and Nozzle are one single unit, so there's nothing to assemble. It's complete and ready to use.

Comfortip Nozzle
The Summer's Eve douche nozzle has been designed to assure easy and comfortable insertion.

Easy Angle Flexible Neck
The exclusive flexible neck allows you to adjust the nozzle to the most comfortable position for you.

Exclusive Gentle Cleansing Formulas
Summer's Eve douches have special gentle cleansing formulas with purified water to leave you fresh and clean.

Safety Overwrap
Only Summer's Eve units come completely overwrapped for sanitary protection prior to use.


Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Vinegar, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate.


Remove sanitary overwrap. Hold cap of bottle with one hand and grasp.Comfortip® nozzle firmly with the other hand.Pull nozzle straight up until it clicks in place. Douche is not ready for use until you hear this click.Gently insert nozzle into your vagina, no more than 3 inches, and slowly squeeze bottle.Do not close the vaginal opening; douching solution should flow freely out of vagina.Use while sitting on the toilet, in the tub, or while standing in the shower.