Oscar nominee Bruce Dern (Coming Home) plays a cold-hearted bounty hunter, Barston, in the offbeat Western with Mariel Hemingway (Manhattan, Star 80) and Helen Hunt (Twister, Mad About You). Trailing a half-breed rapist-killer, he encounters McComas (Dylan McDermott), an outlaw on the run from a vengeful lawman, who has a date with destiny on the streets of Laredo after meeting Blossom (Hunt). Barston then spends an evening spinning tall tales with homesteaders, one of whom, Alma (Hemingway), is besieged by a blizzard and a pack of wolves while visiting a neighbor (Lisa Pelikan). Barston finally bags his prey after thirteen months, but receives an unexpected reward, in this sinister sagebrush saga that recalls Grim Prairie Tales and co-stars Andrew Robinson (Dirty Harry, Hellraiser).