International superstar Chuck Norris stars in this pulse-pounding revenge thriller that pulls out all the stops for explosive edge-of-your-seat excitement. Crackling with unbridled energy and suspense, it's an electifying adventrue that's as fast and as hard-hitting as it's unstoppable hero. Police detective Sean Kane (Norris) is any Criminal's worst Nigntmare: a cop service revolver. But when his partner is brutally murdered, Kane quits the force and goes beyonde the law to seek vengance against the ruthless Morgan Canfield (Christopher Lee),a powerful well conected drug lord who destroys any man who stands in his way. But Kane has never been more ready for a fight. He's bold, feocious and has an ace up his sleeve: his mentor, Chan (Mako), a martial arts wizard who will join him in a thrilling no-holds-barred final assault against Cnfield and his criminal empire.