Dora Had A Little Lamb Mary Had a Little Lamb, its fleece was white as sno, but when the Little Lamb gets lost, Dora and Boots know where to go! Preschoolers join them as they jump into a big book of Nursery Rymes to bring Little Lamb home to Mary. Along the way, they'll help nursery rhymes pals pick pickled peppers or climb a waterspout, all while helping Dora catch stars! Call Me Mr. Riddles: Boots loves riddles! he loves them so much that he wants to be called Mr. Riddles and he wants to go to Tallest Mountain to solve the silliest Riddle in the Riddle Caontest To get there, Dora, Boots, and preschooler will have to riddle their way past Troll Bridge and throgh the knock-knock Door, so that they Can solve the silliest Riddle of all. Disc also includes episodes Backpack and Big Rive.