The Lost City - Dora has lost her teddy! Tico has lost his keys! So Dora and Boots set out to find all the lost treasures at the Lost City.

Lost Squeaky - Boots loves to squeeze his adorably squeezable new bath toy, Squeaky. But when Boots squeezes too hard and loses Squeaky in a stream, preschoolers need to help Dora and Boots head all the way to Gooey Geyser to get him back!

Berry Hunt - Dora and Boots are hunting for sweet, juicy blueberries, and they need your help to get to Blueberry Hill.

Sticky Tape - Benny the Bull needs some Sticky Tape in a hurry. His hot air balloon is leaking air and he's headed right for Crocodile Lake! Help Dora and Boots bring the Sticky Tape to Benny so he can fix his balloon.