Get ready for more wild adventures packed with double the special effects, double the gadgets and double the fun of the original. It's Disney's all-new Inspector Gadget 2. Just when things are quieting down in Riverton, everything goes wrong. Inspector Gadget is put on probation. Claw stages a daring escape from prison and plots a new "crime of the century". And the Mayor unveils a new and improved G2-an all-robot, all-tech, all-female gadget! Could it get any worse for our hero? Mishaps, miscues, stakeouts and showdowns ensue as Inspector Gadget (French Stewart, TV's 3rd Rock From the Sun) and G2 (Elaine Hendrix, The Parent Trap) set off to go-go save the world with a little help from their friends-nice Penny and dog Brain and the wildly tricked-out Gadgetmobile!