Mewtwo is back in a battle against his greatest opponent. Deep in a remote place with crystal clear waters, forbidding mountains...and a secret. Mewtwo and his fellow super-clone Pokeman have finally found a home where they can live and thrive, far from the prying eyes and harsh judgements of humans. In Pokemon: The First Movie. Mewtwo removed all traces of his battle with Mew, of the clones, and even of his very existence! Everyone's memory was erased except for that of Giovanni, the evil force behind Mewtwo's creation. Now the devious Team Rocket leader has discovered Mewtwo's idyllic hideaway. And as luck would have it, so have Ash, Pikachu and their friends. Soon Giovanni confronts Mewtwo with an agonizing challenge: submit to his human authority or stand by as the super-clones are sacrificed. An all-out battle seems certain, but the starting effects of their unique environment suddenly come into play?leaving the fate of Mewtwo in Ash's hands!