Three problem teens are headed for jail: Julie (Claire Danes, "Romeo & Juliet"), Pete (Giovanni Ribisi, "Saving Private Ryan"), and Linc (Omar Epps, "Scream 2"). They're set to do time until Captain Greer (Dennis Farina, "Out Of Sight") offers them a deal to work for him - undercover. Slick with a late 90's look and feel, this "stylish thriller" (Los Angeles Times) dazzles the senses with awesome visuals and sensational music! In a hip L.A. scene, where club kids groove 'til dawn, something is going down - but the cops aren't sure what. Captain Greer sends in his special undercover task force - "The Mod Squad" - to find out. Beyond the dance floor fog of strobe lights, glitter and tribal music, they uncover an intricate crime ring involving drugs, prostitution and dirty cops. But before they can blow the whistle, the tables are turned and they're caught in a deadly set-up. Now, with the cops hot on their trail, they have little time to solve the puzzle, clear their names and avoid going to the slammer - for good!