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Vitamin Water Zero Glow
Price: $1.99/20 fl oz
plus tax and deposit
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Size/Weight: 20 fl oz
Description: It's no secret that grocery stores double as singles' "meet" markets. You got strangers mingling at the (salad) bar, (cheesy pickup) lines in the deli, wandering eyes checking out the hot buns (we're talking about bread!). Well, with chances to find love in every aisle, we're having here to help you glow. Whether you're shopping for food or fresh meat, add this bottle to your basket. It's got a bundle of nutrients including biotin and vitamins a, c and e to help support and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails, and to (naturally) sweeten the deal, it's zero calories per serving. Oh look, there's a cart cruising your way - looks like someone wants a sample.
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