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Titles Featuring Michael O'Keefe
Michael Clayton - Widescreen  (2007)  Rated: R
George Clooney, Michael O'Keefe, Sydney Pollack
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Attorney Michael Clayton is a "fixer," the go-to guy when his powerful New York law firm wants a mess swept under the rug. But now he's handed a crisis even he may not be able to fix. The firm's top litigator...
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Caddyshack  (1980)  Rated: R
Chevy Chase, Scott Colomby, Rodney Dangerfield, Ted Knight, Cindy Morgan
Greenskeeper Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) is about to start World War III - against a gopher. Pompous Judge Smails (Ted Knight) plays to win, but his nubile niece, Lacey Underall (Cindy Morgan), wants to...
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The Great Santini  (1979)  Rated: PG
Blythe Danner, Robert Duvall, Michael O'Keefe, Stan Shaw
Bull Meechum (Robert Duvall) is a hard case, a fighter pilot so skilled that he's called "The Great Santini." But now it's peacetime 1962. And more at home playing "top gun" in the cockpit than father...
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