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Titles Featuring Anthony LaPaglia
Road to Perdition  (2002)  Rated: R
Daniel Craig, Tom Hanks, Anthony LaPaglia, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman
Hit man Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks), known in his 1930s Chicago world as The Angel of Death, is on the run after his wife (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and son are murdered. With his surviving son (Tyler Hoechlin)...
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Analyze That  (2002)  Rated: R
Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Lisa Kudrow, Anthony LaPaglia, Cathy Moriarty
They locked up mob boss Paul Vitti in Sing Sing and that's where he sang sang - croaking tunes from Westside Story and carrying on in a way that convinces the feds Vitti is better suited for the nut house...
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Autumn in New York  (2000)  Rated: PG-13
Richard Gere, Anthony LaPaglia, Winona Ryder, Elaine Stritch, Sherry Stringfield
Before he met her, he was convinced that no love could last forever. Now, he'd give anything to prove himself wrong. At 48 years-old, Manhattan restaurateur Will Keane (Gere) is single and determined to...
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Summer Of Sam  (1999)  Rated: R
Adrien Brody, Anthony LaPaglia, John Leguizamo, Mira Sorvino, Ben Gazzara
The dynamic John Leguizamo (Spawn, Executive Decision) is teamed with Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino (At First Sight, The Replacement Killers) in an electrifying, must-see movie that takes...
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So I Married an Axe Murderer  (1993)  Rated: PG-13
Brenda Fricker, Anthony LaPaglia, Mike Myers, Amanda Plummer, Nancy Travis
Mike Myers plays dual roles: hip poet Charlie, and over-the-top Scottish father, Stuart. When commitment phobic Charlie finally falls for a woman, she's a suspected serial killer and he's next on her...
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