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Organic Kale
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Organic Kale On Sale - Buy 2, Save $1
Organic Kale, Lacinato
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Organic Lacinato Kale On Sale - Buy 2, Save $1
Organic Lettuce Green Leaf
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Organic Green Leaf Lettuce On Sale - Buy 3, Save $2
Organic Iceberg Lettuce, 1 Head
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Organic Iceberg Lettuce On Sale - Buy 3, Save $2
Organic Boston Lettuce
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Organic Boston Lettuce On Sale - Buy 2, Save $1
Baby Bok Choy
$4.29/16 oz 
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Organic Chard Green
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Organic Chard Greens On Sale - Buy 3, Save $1
Organic Bok Choy
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Organic Bok Choy On Sale - Buy 2, Save $1

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