In the 1990s, dot-com veteran Chris Siragusa was the CTO of, an urban delivery service. The idea was solid, but the company didn’t last.

Fast forward to 2005. Chris and his wife now had two toddlers. With all the necessary trips to the store, Chris renewed his conviction that busy New Yorkers shouldn’t have to leave home for simple items like diapers, Tylenol, cereal, and ice cream. When grocery delivery services arrived in New York, Chris embraced them. Then he realized that waiting at home for—and planning life around—deliveries was almost as disruptive as taking the day off for the cable guy.

So Max Delivery was born.

Max Delivery’s mission is to make errands and daily shopping pain-free for New Yorkers—by providing speedy delivery, a wide product selection, competitive prices, and great customer care.

From the beginning, we were also committed to keeping our business green and conscionable.

We’re committed to keeping things fun, too. In 2006, we added specialty New York retailers like Artisan Wines and Sugar Sweet Sunshine, and the NYC Gourmet was born. In 2007, we ramped up our organic produce and meat selection, and introduced the Max Reusable Bag program.

We’ll continue to improve and innovate our services. To keep up with what we’re doing and the latest in our memberships, programs, sales, and new items, subscribe to our newsletter.